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May 31, 2008


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I was so blessed to recieve your comment. If you saw on my blog, on the right hand side, it says a number and then "Chances to Impact" thats what I call my profile views. Because I really and truly want to make a difference with my words,a nd I hope that everyone that visits my site, see's my heart for God and the things that he does in my life.

It really inspired me that you were touched. : )

In reading your blog, I encourage you to keep your Faith and Spirits up! God will bless you in multitudes when you follow His leading. Encourage the pastors in your church, encourage your congregation to worship from the Heart, and not from their body. Be an encouragement, I can see that you truly believe and stand firm in your beliefs.

God will bless you and your household for the work that you are doing in your community and church!

Have a Wonderful Day!
Be Blessed!!



Yes, I think this political race has shown all of these pastors, and priests need to shut their mouths when it comes to politics. The Wrights and the Hagees need to stop injecting politics into religion. These men are grandstanders they love the limelight, perhaps they have good intentions but that is overshadowed by their ego.

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